Get your Modality Approved with IICT for Professional Membership and Insurance in 27 Countries or pay $0!

New Modality Application

Application window is temporarily closed

This means we will not be able to accept any new modalities or training provider applications for review. IICT has taken the applications offline temporarily to work on simplifying the process for applicants to create a better and seamless customer experience.

We will update this page when applications are accepted again.

If you know of a modality that is not on our approved modality list and you are a qualified trainer or founder who pioneered a new modality, you may request to have this approved by the IICT for membership and insurance purposes.

One Time Application Fee

  • Single Region (Australia/NZ) $299 (+10% GST)
  • All Regions (All IICT Approved Countries) $399 (+10% GST)

New Modality Requests for IICT Executive Members are FREE. Therefore you may choose to join the IICT as an Executive Member ($199pa) to avoid the $299 one time application fee.

Gaining approval for your modality enables you to have access to the IICT membership benefits. This includes Insurance cover for practitioners, plus access to discounted courses, the potential to become an IICT Approved Training Provider and advertising opportunities to denote your professional affiliation.

Please email any supporting documentation for your Modality Request application to support@myiict.com  (accepted files .PDF and .Jpeg maximum file size 1.5mb)


When will you hear back about your application? 

IICT’s Approved Training Provider and Modality committee will review your application for Training Provider status or modality recognition quarterly. Within 14 days of receipt of your application, IICT will e-mail you to confirm if it is complete or if we require further information. Based on your application date, you will be informed of the result via e-mail based on the timetable below. 

Quarterly review 1 - April 1, 2019
Applicants who submit their application between December 16 and March 15 will hear the result of their application on April 1, 2019.
Quarterly review 2 - July 1, 2019
Applicants who submit their application between March 16 and June 15 will hear the result of their application on July 1, 2019.
Quarterly review 3 - October 1, 2019
Applicants who submit their application between June 16 and September 15 will hear the result of their application on October 1, 2019.
Quarterly review 4 - January 6, 2020
Applicants who submit their application between September 16 and December 15 will hear the result of their application on January 6, 2020.

New Modality Approval Guarantee.                                 Get Approved or We’ll Refund 100% Your Money Back

We Guarantee that your modality will be 100% approved for professional membership and insurance purposes or we’ll refund your application fee in full. No Risk, No Questions Asked. (valid for 120 days)

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