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  • Compare how much you are charging for your products and services

Ever wondered how your business compares to your peers?


The IICT Industry Benchmark Report has been designed to provide natural therapists with valuable insights into what is driving the industry. Normally valued at $299.00, download your FREE copy today.


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Who is IICT?

IICT is the largest professional body for natural therapists in the world, recognising over 1,400+ modalities, with over 10,000+ members across 27 countries. With a focus on providing valuable resources, IICT offers members a range of membership options, exclusive low-cost insurance solutions, comprehensive business resources, monthly eNews updates, network of local and international peers and a range of member extras. 

How IICT has helped other natural therapists

“The customer service is excellent and everyone is happy to help. The feedback I receive from my graduates is all positive. Easy to join, great customer service and great value for money.”
Cameron Aubrey - IICT MEMBER
“I would highly recommend IICT for any alternative medical practitioner as they are very helpful and understanding and knowledgeable.”
Jodee Sinclair - IICT Member
“IICT is a very professional service and I have found them to be so helpful on every occasion I have contacted them. I highly recommend this company.”
Natalie Borg - IICT Member
“I highly recommend IICT to all complementary therapists. They provide us with wonderful support and education AND access to great insurance offers that are specific to my needs.”
Melissa Splisted – IICT Member
“So easy to use, very happy with their customer service. Great organisation to work with.”
Amy Spain – IICT Member